Wholesalemop 36" Premium Microfiber Mop Kit

36" Premium Microfiber Mop Kit

  • $74.99

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  • Easier to use and 50% faster than a traditional string mop!
  • Ideal for cleaning house, condo, hallways, bathroom, walls, high area such as ceilings, under furniture and other hard to reach places.
  • A flat mop system will reduce cleaning time and costs, and provide you with better results.
  • Telescopic aluminum handles extend up to 6' long with twist and lock extension system
  • Its adjustable handle allows you to get the length you need, and its lightweight will help reduce back injuries.
  • Heavy duty aluminum handle and frame set, for longer life and superior performance
  • Frame built with riveted Velcro for easy use and durability, making it fast and easy to switch from a dry to a wet pad.
  • The head swivels 360 degrees
  • Works on hardwood, polished concrete, laminate, vinyl, stones and tiles

Your professional microfiber cleaning system comes with 1 x 72" adjustable handle, 1 x 36" heavy duty aluminum frame, 2 x wet/dry microfiber cleaning pad and 1 x dust fringe pad