Wholesalemop 18" Yellow Cut-Edge Extra Microfiber Cleaning Pad

18" Yellow Cut-Edge Extra Microfiber Cleaning Pad

  • $7.49

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  • These microfiber pads are constructed with an 80/20 microfiber cut-edge yarn blend to provide superior dust and soil pickup and retention. The cut-edge construction adds surface friction for better soil removal when used wet or dry.
  • Ideal for wet or dry cleaning.
  • Machine washable 
  • Cheaper and greener than disposable products
  • Velcro tops for easy attach to hardware
  • Works on hardwood, polished concrete, tile, vinyl and rubber floors
  • Perfect for home floors, training facilities, basketball courts, commerce, boutique, office, etc.
Please note that these pads are about 20" to account for the shrinkage that will eventually occur as you wash them.