Wholesalemop 18" Dust Fringe Microfiber Cleaning Pad

18" Dust Fringe Microfiber Cleaning Pad

  • $7.49

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  • These microfiber pads are constructed with an 80/20 yarn blend, they contain a soft microfiber fringe yarn for added dust collection and containment. Synthetic yarn allows for dust pick-up and retention through static attraction and eliminates the need for treatment. This pad features a double-sewn construction for added durability.
  • The positively charged microfiber acts like a magnet to attract the negatively charged dust and dirt.
  • 2-In-1 Cleaning: Fringe yarn gobbles up debris & keeps it from clogging, face yarn attracts tiny dust & dirt particles.
  • Unlike other duster products, you don’t throw your dust mops away, you just wash the pads!
  • Cheaper and greener then disposable products
  • Velcro tops for easy attach to hardware
  • Works on hardwood, polished concrete, tile, vinyl and rubber floors
  • Perfect for home floors, restaurants, training facilities, basketball courts, commerce, boutique, office and other high traffic area.
Please note that these pads are about 20" to account for the shrinkage that will eventually occur as you wash them.